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Updates (newsletter - for boycott news summaries see below)

  • Update 35 (December 2004)
    • European scientists advise against powdered formula for newborns
    • Campaign for the Code in Europe reaches critical phase
    • Monitoring evidence from 69 countries
    Update 34 (March 2004)
    • Monitoring shows UK law being broken
    • Trading Standards officers take action
    • WHO warns of 'intrinsic contamination of infant formula'
  • Update 33 (Summer 2003)
    • Judge convicts Wyeth SMA of 'cynical and deliberate breach of regulations'
    • India toughens its law
    • It's official: UK recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months
  • Update 32 (December 2002)
    • UN Child Rights Committee tell UK to ban formula advertising
    • Pakistan law at last
    • Case Studies from 8 countries
    Update 31 (July 2002)
    • Nestlé looks for a miracle as sponsorship deal backfires
    • World Health Assembly success
    • Belgium death sparks safety questions
  • Update 30 (December 2001)
    • Infant feeding, trade and the EU
    • Nestlé and Wyeth target southern Africa
    • Donations of breastmil substitutes - more harm than good?
    • Brazil - inspirational policies tackle aggressive marketing practices
  • Update 29 (June 2001)
    • New WHA Resolution - 20 years on
    • Unethical research on HIV?
    • Breaking the Rules 2001
    • UK teachers reject commercialism
  • Update 28 (November 2000)
    • Pakistan latest
    • Focus on Ghana
    • UN partnerships with industry
  • Update 27 (May 2000)
    • Milking Profits - former Nestlé employee blows the whistle
    • EU Scientists declare their interests
  • Update 26 (December 1999)
    • Nestlé's new "monitoring" strategy evaluated
    • IBFAN Europe - joining East and West
    • Companies exploit EU directive
  • Update 25 (July 1999)
    • The big twelve companies uncovered
    • Industry to be investigated by MEPs
    • Nestlé loses ASA appeal
  • Update 24 (February 1999)
    • Infant feeding in the UK
    • Milk bank special
    • Export v. health in Ireland
    • IFM complains about IBFAN award
  • Update 23 (October 1998)
    • Making an impact
    • IBFAN receives award
    • Pakistan special report
    • EU Medical Directive causes alarm
  • Update 22 (June 1998)
    • Dialogue - who benefits?
    • New reports expose malpractice
    • Governments under attack
    • HIV and infant feeding
  • Update 21 (October 1997)
    • Companies target health workers
    • How industry shapes the world
    • UK law campaign renewed
  • Update 20 (February/March 1997)
    • India Special Report
    • 27 agencies publish new evidence
    • IBFAN's monitoring is vindicated
    • Nutricia conceals salmonella risk
  • Update 19 (August 1996)
    • Contaminants in UK baby milks
    • Nestlé on the loose in China
    • World Health Assembly says no to commercial sponsorship
  • Update 18 (March 1996)
    • Johnson and Johnson bottles out of India
    • Sponsorship - its impact on policy

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