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Student campaigning pack

Welcome from Beth

on-line - download to print (pdf)

Introduction from Baby Milk Action

Nestlé is on the run because of pressure from the international Nestlé boycott. It is desperately sending senior staff to schools and universities in an attempt to break support for it. Nestlé tries to sneak in without Baby Milk Action getting to hear about their visit, but when we have been able to attend and debate with Nestlé, we have won every time. Keep your ears open and let us know if Nestlé is coming to your campus, so we can expose its denials and deception.

Despite Nestlé's well-sounding (but demonstrably untrue) claims, infants continue to die unnecessarily and Nestlé is still found to be the worst company in pushing its baby foods and undermining breastfeeding. We want to see meaningful change. We win small victories with your help and are saving lives. But what we really want is for Nestlé to accept our four-point plan aimed at saving infant lives and ultimately ending the boycott. It is clear that Nestlé is in a state of panic - keep up the pressure.

This pack of documents can help you to raise awareness amongst your colleagues and to give Nestlé the boot from vending machines, shops and cafés on your site.

Keep an eye on the Student Network page ( for updates.

Please keep us posted on your activities. We pass news on to our partners in developing countries and they use it to show health campaigners there that they are not alone, that people in the industrialised world are also trying to stop Nestlé malpractice.

Ideas for how to set up a Baby Milk Action Student Group

on-line - download to print (pdf)

Student-specific campaigning ideas

on-line - download to print (pdf)

What is wrong with Nestlé leaflet

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The Nestlé ban is still relevant - draft article

download to adapt (Word)

Draft boycott motion


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