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Seeing through the spin

Public relations in the global economy

Approved by Schoolzone's team of independent education reviewers



Companies are starting to speak the language of corporate responsibility and sustainable development, and are sponsoring good causes such as schools materials.

How are we to know if this is a real change at the heart of capitalism and genuine philanthropy or merely window dressing?

Seeing through the spin contains 14 participatory-style lesson plans, case studies and a host of background material, will help students deconstruct public relations messages - from companies and their critics.

Suitable for UK A level, KS4+ school courses and adult/further education.

Seeing through the spin is written and produced by Baby Milk Action and Reading International Solidarity Centre. Baby Milk Action has worked for 20 years to encourage some of the world's largest companies to behave responsibly.

"Every school should have this pack! Students will love to discuss the issues it raises. This is what education should be about."

Professor Michael Reiss, Head of Science and Technology,
University of London, Institute of Education,
Ethics Advisor on the UK Government Committee on Novel Foods & Processes

"Seeing through the Spin is a groundbreaking publication, essential reading for teachers. It can't fail to make a substantial impression in your classroom."

Rob Cartridge, Campaigns Director, War on Want

"Seeing through the Spin is a powerful piece of corporate counter-spin, a crucial and trustworthy tool for teachers to help their students understand the barrage of public relations disguised as education."

Naomi Klien, Author of No Logo

"The corporate takeover of schools is one of the most terrifying aspects of the domination of public life by big business. Seeing through the Spin is an invaluable guide to the transformation of young people in the UK into marketable commodities."

George Monbiot, author of
Captive State: the corporate takeover of Britain

"A valuable resource for everyone working in health, education and the voluntary sector. Its should be in every university, college and school library. Service providers would be well advised to read this pack before embarking on sponsorship deals."

Anne Bramley, midwife

"Schools are increasingly being targeted by companies keen to market their brands and images. Educational resources are distributed by companies and it isn't always easy for youngsters, or indeed for teachers, to deal with all this complex information. This pack is exactly what teachers need as they work to encourage their pupils to make up their own minds."

Glenys Kinnock MEP