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Student-specific campaigning ideas

  1. If the boycott in your student union is up for renewal or there isn’t one in place then start an awareness raising campaign and forward a new motion to the student union.

  2. Draw up a calendar of events in the run up to the referendum. Maybe dedicate one week a month to an information campaign. Use ideas from below in the info campaign and publicise the events in student media.

  3. If your student union has a boycott in place, then put info leaflets about why there is a boycott in all union outlets.

  4. Write an article for the student newspaper, women’s officer/group newsletter, magazine or a local paper. Baby Milk Action stands by all the claims it makes and Nestlé has never taken legal action against it. However, be careful not to change meanings in editing Baby Milk Action materials. We will check your article for you if you wish or alternatively use the template article in the pack.

  5. Launch a ‘buycott’ campaign to promote fair-trade goods instead of Nestlé and a ‘Kick Nestlé off Campus Completely Campaign’ so the boycott extends to all of campus!

  6. Form coalitions with development groups and societies, fair-trade groups, mothers groups, local Baby Milk Action groups, women’s groups and AIDS campaign groups at your university or in your area.

  7. Hold a video evening (see resource sheet) or speaker meeting. Contact Beth for details.

  8. Hold a vigil at your university or in your town centre. Make a noise or light a candle every 30 seconds to symbolize another needless infant death.

  9. Organise a speaker meeting with us, or a debate with Nestle. Baby Milk Action will send a representative, but try and give us plenty of notice. We will require travel costs.

  10. Join us in early March for a national solidarity day of protest against Nestlé. We aim to have protests at every Nestle office and factory through-out the UK. See pack for details of your nearest one or contact Beth at Baby Milk Action Student Network.

  11. Send an open letter (template in pack) to your university asking for a campus-wide boycott. Copy the letter to the university catering and residence services, conference facilities, student media and independent outlets.

  12. Find out from your careers centre about any visits by Nestlé to your university for graduate recruitment purposes. Then hold a protest! Ideas and help from the Student Network. Make leaflets to hand out, or order some from Beth.

  13. Put Nestlé product lists up in all halls of residence. If you have a boycott in place your university may do this for you – find a sympathetic sabbatical officer!

  14. Hold an information stall in your union or outside the library. Order leaflets, posters, petitions and info from us. We can provide Baby Milk Action merchandise at a discount to help you raise funds your group. Perhaps give out samples of free-trade alternatives – often fair trade companies will be happy to provide free samples, or contact the Fair Trade Association (see resources list).

  15. Picket any outlets serving Nestlé products and hand out leaflets.

  16. Poster and sticker everywhere! See sticker templates in pack, in the downloads section or contact Beth to get a poster template emailed to you.