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Campaigning materials to download and print

Also see the resources section for past newsletters, briefing papers, press releases and other on-line materials.

The following documents are in pdf format unless otherwise stated. You will need Acrobat Reader to open these files. This can be downloaded free from the Adobe site.

You can also obtain printed versions of these documents from Baby Milk Action. Contact us for details.

Boycott Nescafé petition - (Nescafé is the principal target of the boycott)

Follow-on formulas:are they necessary? should they be promoted? (Colour briefing paper June 2004 - pdf)


Nestlé promotes chocolate as an aid to intelligence in Russian schools - download our A4 briefing paper to show the depths to which Nestlé will sink to boost sales amongst children.

Also: Tackling obesity - watch out for undue corporate influence in schools

Nice design - shame about the text

Exposé of Nestlé's Sustainability Review and other PR materials

This four-sided, A4-size, full-colour briefing paper looks at Nestlé's recent Sustainability Review and other Public Relations materials. Ten killer facts demonstrate that Nestlé's words cannot be taken at face value.

Click here to download the pdf file, which is 1.4 MB.

10 facts Nestlé does not want you to know about its baby food business

10 Facts

Nestlé has already been found guilty of making untrue statements about its baby food business, but carries on regardless. For more information and other killer facts, download this leaflet. It can be photocopied to make a double-sided A5 leaflet to hand out.

Click here to download the pdf file.

Updated September 2006.

Boycott Nestlé stickers

Customise your bag and other items with these boycott Nestlé stickers. Here's how it works.

  1. Download this Word file.

  2. Buy some self adhesive stickers suitable for use in your printer.

  3. Adjust the layout of the image in the Word file to fit the size of the labels. Scale and duplicate the image if necessary.

  4. Stick the labels on your items and give to your friends to spread news of the boycott!

Alternative version. Click here to download a jpg file for making up your labels.
Click here to download a jpf file for making up your labels.

Give Nescafé the boot poster

A poster with a brief summary of the campaign. Prints well in colour or black and white. The default size is A4.

Click here to download the pdf file.

Poster sets can also be ordered from the on-line Virtual Shop.

Give Nescafé the Boot leaflets

Four double-sided A6 leaflets on an A4 sheet for printing or photocopying. Click here for substantiation of the claims on the leaflet.

For use in the UK

For use elsewhere

Analysis of Nestlé's "Charter"

An analysis of Nestlé's discredited "Charter" which sets out the company's "infant formula policy in developing countries". An A4 size, doubled sided, black and white leaflet.

Download the leaflet

More details on Nestlé's misleading presentation of the World Health Assembly marketing requirements

Nescafé boycott endorsers

Click here to download a pdf file with a list of businesses, organisations and individuals such as Members of Parliament, who endorse the Nescafé boycott. If your organisations would like to be added to the list (or taken off!) please contact us to let us know.

Note: Student Union endorsements are based on the most recent information at the time of publication - in some cases, endorsements lapse automatically and require renewing. If this is the situation at your University, why not invite Baby Milk Action and Nestlé to come and debate the issues? It is a sign of the strength of support for the boycott that Nestlé has now dropped its blanket ban on even speaking in public if Baby Milk Action is present - and has lost every debate. A video of a recent debate is available. Contact us for details.

Are there other resources you would like to have available in pdf format? Contact us to let us know.