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9 February 2010 Baby Milk Action welcomes Product Placement ban on junk foods and baby milks
23 December 2009 European opinion on baby foods influenced by industry funding
23 November 2009 UNHCR uses 'due diligence' and abandons US$ 5 million deal with Nestlé
27 August 2009 Remembering Senator Edward Kennedy's role in protecting infant health from Nestlé and others
22 July 2009 Parents misled by 'Best Formula' claim -
ASA rules against Aptamil advertisement
17 June 2009 International campaign calls for Nestlé to be expelled from UN initiative
29 May 2009 DANONE no longer on the Board of GAIN -
and promotes its infant formulas through Dutch school exams
23 May 2009 Voices of 45000 People Reach World Health Assembly with a Call to Save Newborn Lives.
22 May 2009

Nestle malpractice raised at shareholder meeting and annual demonstration -

World Health Assembly called to act on baby food pushing

21 May 2009 European countries' failure to regulate baby milk marketing results in downgrading in global ranking presented at World Health Assembly
9 February 2009 ONE MILLION CAMPAIGN - global campaign in support of a woman's right to breastfeed launched
30 January 2009

The Other Davos meeting – NGOs expose Nestlé baby food pushing, trade union busting and spying.

Baby Milk Action asks George Clooney to reconsider his defence of Nestlé.

22 October 2008 Advertising Standards Authority ruling shows contempt for UN Committee on the Rights of the Child by clearing Cow & Gate 'laughing babies' formula milk advertisement
6 October 2008 Nestle-Free Week 2008 starts well despite Nestle hi-jack attempt
29 September 2008 Nestlé tries to hi-jack boycott site just days before International Nestlé-Free Week: 4 - 10 October
20 September 2008 IBFAN-ICDC Press release (pdf) : The Sanlu fiasco: risks of formula feeding. Also see the Campaign Coordinator's blog.
2 June 2008 Baby milk companies attack UK government recommendation to warn parents of formula risks
17 May 2008 Member of Scottish Parliament launches 'No to Nestlé' campaign and campaigners demonstrate over aggressive baby milk marketing
4 March 2008 Campaigners criticise Nestlé shared value report as PR whitewash to divert attention from malpractice
29 February 2008 London High Court case over - now it's time to act over illegal infant formula labelling says Baby Milk Action
27 February 2008 Legal battle over UK formula marketing regulations
19 December 2007 ASA ruling on SMA formula advertisement reveals how UK regulations are failing mothers and babies
12 December 2007 Nestlé Children's Book Prize winner refuses Nestlé money - Sean Taylor rejects cheque
29 November 2007 Report shames lax UK formula marketing regulations as Italy prepares to take action to protect breastfeeding and babies fed on formulas
IBFAN press release 27 November Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2007 - Lack of regulations drives baby food industry to new depths of aggressive marketing, monitoring results show
20 November 2007 Baby formula 'carelines' endangering health with poor advice, spot monitoring finds
31 October 2007 Breastfeeding reduces cancer risk says comprehensive scientific review -
Will the UK Government act now to control formula marketing?
10 October 2007 Significant protection for infant health in the Philippines achieved as Court rejects 'restraint of trade' argument - but more needed
31 August 2007 George Clooney questioned over role in advertising 'widely boycotted' Nestlé
10 August 2007 New UK formula labels lack correct information - calls for better warnings and instructions
20 July 2007 Parliamentary campaign launched to enforce infant formula marketing regulations
17 July 2007 Update on the Janipher Maseko Case and the change in Government rules on Asylum Seekers
6 July 2007 Poll shows Nestlé is “widely boycotted” says company executive
3 July 2007 Government admits proposed new baby milk law will make no difference to breastfeeding rates
2 July 2007 Groups around the world declare 2-8 July International Nestlé-Free Week:  Campaign aims to raise awareness of company's aggressive marketing of baby foods
27 June 2007 Will Gordon Brown protect infants and mothers?
27 June 2007 INFACT Canada urges Canadians to boycott Nestlé products during the July 2-8 International Nestlé-Free Week. A media conference will be held at 11 am on July 3 at the Church of the Holy Trinity, downtown Toronto. (PDF).
19 May 2007  Exposés of Nestlé baby food pushing to be recreated on company's doorstep
11 May 2007 Nestlé and Netmums: Baby Milk Action's statement
12 March 2007 Campaigners claim victory as crackdown on ‘closer to breastmilk’ infant formula promotions is announced in the UK
22 February 2007 Hard sell formula – new UK report exposes baby milk company strategies for undermining breastfeeding
14 December 2006 Philippines government lawyer assassinated -
Baby Milk Action statement
13 December 2006 Demonstration at Nestlé book prize award ceremony over Nestlé targeting children
8 December 2006 Baby Milk Action delivers messages of support for Philippines stand against aggressive baby food marketing
6 December 2006 Philippines infant health advocates march to the Supreme Court with bottle baby victim
9 November 2006 International campaign aims to save Philippines baby milk marketing law - and infant lives
3 November 2006 IBFAN press release: EU and US block Thailand’s proposal to reduce sugar in baby foods.
28 September 2006 Nestlé on PR offensive to counter USA legal charges over child slavery
20 September 2006 Interview: Trade unionists in the Philippines call for solidarity to bring Nestlé to the negotiating table while in the UK Nestlé heads to the Labour Party Conference - STOP PRESS: GMB calls for international solidarity as Nestlé lays off 600+ in York.
13 September 2006 Trade unionists protest in the Philippines and Japan as Nestlé wines and dines at the TUC
20 July 2006 New EU Trade Rules Threaten the health of UK Babies
14 June 2006 Nestlé pulls the plug on the Perrier Award
6 June 2006 Briefing on Nestlé for participants in the Methodist Conference 2006
23 May 2006 UK Government called on to stand up to the EU Commission and protect infants from baby food company marketing
20 May 2006 Demonstrations at Nestlé and Body Shop 11:00-12:00
19 May 2006 Brussels hands babies to the baby milk pushers – exploiting parents fears
12 May 2006 The EU/US Conference, Good practices: Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. Brussels
10 May 2006 I object to Nestlé's behaviour, Dame Anita Roddick claims in advance of demonstrations at Body Shop
27 April 2006 Baby milk Action welcomes the launch of the WHO Child Growth Standards for infants and children up to the age of five
19 April 2006

Libby's Juices to be removed from Nestle boycott list – Linda McCartney products to be added?

21 March 2006 Body Shop will lose support of 99% of Nestle boycott supporters initial survey results reveal
17 March 2006 Body Shop to be added to Nestlé boycott list is L'Oreal takeover goes ahead
2 March 2006 Nestlé's claims on water bottling operation in Brazil demonstrably untrue, says Baby Milk Action
16 February 2006 A tape recording reveals how senior Nestlé executive misled students in failed attempt to overturn boycott
3 February 2006 Nestlé Scientist's False Claims Exposed by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
4 January 2006 Hipp endangers infants with misleading information on formula preparation
15 December 2005  BBC exposé of bottled water contamination
7 December 2005 Fairtrade mark and infant health could be damaged by Nestlé application warn campaigners
24 November 2005 Methodist committee commends Baby Milk Action campaign, but makes ill-judged decision on Nestlé
22 November 2005 Contaminated Nestlé formula seized following Italian Judge's order
23 September 2005 Fairtrade mark could be damaged by Nestlé application warn campaigners
19 September 2005 New study shows company promotion of baby milk is misleading mothers
19 August 2005 Tap Water Awards – Edinburgh Festival 2005
Demonstration against Nestlé
22 July 2005 BBC reports damaging environmental impact of Nestlé's bottled water business
14 July 2005 Milupa and The Independent give a master class in escaping through the loopholes in the UK baby milk marketing law.
25 May 2005

IBFAN press release: Outcome of the 58th World Health Assembly, 16-25 May 2005 Geneva - Babies need no longer wait.

13 May 2005 Aggressive baby milk advertising during breastfeeding week exposes failure of UK law to protect mothers
22 March 2005 Nestlé heads for public relations disaster as Chief Executive prepares to launch audits on baby food marketing in Africa
15 March 2005 EU Platform for Action launched today acknowledges that breastfeeding lowers the risk of obesity
7 March 2005 EU Commission fails mothers and babies.
Frustrated health worker bodies call for action at the European Union this week to stop baby milk advertising.
13 January 2005 Responses to the tsunami disaster: it is against the UK law to send baby milk with labels in the wrong language - with good reason.
23 October 2004

Nestlé to be exposed by gathering of human rights campaigners in Edinburgh

16 October 2004

Nestlé to be exposed by international gathering of human rights campaigners

10 September 2004

International conference says no to baby food industry sponsorship

30 August 2004 Nestlé Perrier Awards in Edinburgh provoke protest by human rights campaigners
28 july 2004 Nestlé reported to UK Advertising Standards Authority over marketing of 'hypoallergenic' infant formula
15 May 2004 Campaigners gather to demonstrate in Croydon and invite Nestlé Chief Executive to view evidence of Nestlé baby food marketing malpractice
10 May 2004

It’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, but companies can still get away with saying ‘nothing could be simpler or safer’ than bottle-feeding

22 April 2004

Nestlé ignores bacterial contamination of baby milk at AGM as Chief Executive promotes chocolate as a healthy breakfast

10 March 2004

Weighing paperwork - FTSE4Good shifts the goal posts for the baby food companies

20 October 2003

Nestlé runs from debate with Mark Thomas - and loses yet again to Baby Milk Action

16 October 2003

Wrong message given over baby food jar scare

15 September 2003

Appearance of Minister for Children, Margaret Hodge MP, at Wyeth/IPPR conference causes storm

10 September 2003

Nestlé faces a grilling at TUC fringe meeting

31 July 2003

Wyeth/SMA convicted of illegal infant formula advertising

“A cynical and deliberate breach of the Regulations” says Judge

17 May 2003 Big Noise demo gets international media coverage as Nestlé accepts 'least ethical company' title and caves in on complementary food marketing
12 May 2003 UK Policy supports exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months
11 May 2003 THE BIG NOISE TO WAKE UP NESTLE ON 10TH MAY!! - Information for the press (including hi-res photos from the demonstrations).
BPNI Press Release 8 May 2003 Victory in India as Government tightens loopholes in baby food law - will Nestlé now finally stop the type of violations exposed in our Nice Design briefing paper?
29 April 2003 Press Release : Nestlé barred from Italian Eurochocolate Festival.
13 April 2003 Nestlé UK's 'least ethical company' finds survey.
4 April 2003 Nestlé dismisses small shareholders as unimportant - Nestlé Annual General meeting April 3, 2003, 3pm Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne.
19 March 2003 Nestlé pushes ahead with tasteless Kit-Kat promotion as war looms.
6 March 2003 Nestlé desperate to link with Mandela says Lord Attenborough - Baby Milk Action comment on BBC Documentary Mandela: the Living Legend.
8 February 2003 Hear Nestlé and Baby Milk Action debate - if Nestlé will let you.
18th January 2003

Baby food companies caught out putting profits before health again - BMJ reports on research in Togo and Burkina Faso

7th January 2003

Nestlé and the Ethiopian Government -
How Nestle tried to rescue itself from yet another PR disaster

9th October 2002

UN Committee on Child Rights urges UK to ban promotion of breastmilk substitutes

24th August 2002

Protesters Picket Perrier to Expose Nestlé Malpractice

2nd August 2002

Nestlé enters UK baby milk market with dangerous claims

10th June 2002

Nestlé money influences panel selection at Hay festival

21st May 2002

World Health Assembly Resolution removes commercial influences from infant feeding programmes

`7th May 2002

European Parliament rapporteur on Corporate Responsibility launches weekend of action against Nestlé baby food marketing malpractice

`0th May 2002

IBFAN Press Release: How safe are infant formulas? The death of a one-week old formula-fed baby in Belgium

6th May 2002

Boycotters plan demonstration as Nestlé desperately attempts to clean up its baby food marketing image

20th March 2002

Lord Ahmed's accusation of blackmail has been denied by Nestlé whistle blower

7th February 2002

Fano, Italy - Carnival dumps Nestlé. RIBN (Italian Nestlé Boycott Network) press release

24th October 2001 IMPORTANT NOTICE - Nestlé claim to be working with the IBFAN Africa Coordinating Office is untrue - please do not be deceived
19th September 2001 Hannah's new bob raises a bob for Baby Milk Action
28th August 2001 Tap Water Awards take off - Video clips: Emma Thompson and Steve Coogan support the Nestlé/Perrier boycott
25th August 2001 Perrier 2000 judge supports the corporate-free Tap Water Award at the Edinburgh Fringe.
15th August 2001 African health campaigners welcome boycott of Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe.
1st August 2001 World Breastfeeding Week 2001 - Breastfeeding in the information age.
31st July 2001 Celebrities call for boycott of Nestle Perrier award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
11th July 2001 Code violators such as Nestlé excluded from FTSE4Good ethical investment index.
19th May 2001 Demonstration at Nestlé UK Headquarters.
13th February 2001 British Red Cross reported to Charity Commission for undermining the campaign to protect infant health from the aggressive marketing of breastmilk substitutes.
27th January 2001 Cameroon group launches Nestlé boycott - More UK pop stars dump Nestlé

18th January 2001

Pop stars pull out of V2001 music festival promotion because of link to Nestlé

10th January 2001

Nestlé proposed sponsorship of Lichfield District Council comes under scrutiny

26th November 2000


23rd November 2000

MEPs shocked as Nestlé and Adidas snub Public Hearing on corporate responsibility

22nd November 2000: 9.00 - 12.30

European Parliament public hearing on Nestlé's baby food marketing activities

24th October 2000

African and Asian campaigners urge support for Nescafé boycott as Nestlé announces increased baby milk sales

8th September 2000

Nestle involved in misinformation to mothers in India - press release from the Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India

1st September 2000

£300,000 town centre deal collapses as Nestlé refuses to answer questions on baby milk marketing malpractice

11th July 2000 Church conferences reject Nestlé apologists
30th June 2000 Bulgarian Nestlé boycott group aims to stem flood of baby milk promotion
22nd June 2000 New Convention protects breastfeeding for working mothers
6th June 2000 Patti Rundall, Policy Director of Baby Milk Action, receives the Order of the British Empire (OBE) at Buckingham Palace for 'services to infant nutrition.'
24th May 2000

Report commissioned by Nestlé blames competitors for baby milk marketing malpractice in Pakistan

17th May 2000

Nestlé promises to change baby milk labels in Costa Rica after receiving fine

28th March 2000

Nestlé under investigation by Pakistan anti-corruption body in Raza case

29th February 2000

Nestlé whistleblower to present evidence at House of Commons (UK Parliament) despite gun attack in Pakistan

18th February 2000

Former Nestlé Pakistan employee blows whistle on institutionalised malpractice

28th January 2000

IBFAN Press Release: January 2000 WHO Executive Board Meeting in Geneva. Text of intervention by Dr. Arun Gupta on behalf of Consumers International/IBFAN

23rd January 2000 Nestlé apologises to Danish Government following claims made by its Chief Executive
1st January 2000 Patti Rundall, Policy Director of Baby Milk Action, has been appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the New Year's Honours List 2000 for services to infant nutrition
24th November 1999 Nestlé Action Report: The Philippines - Baby Milk Action responds
5th November 1999 Charities benefit from Nestlés Public Relations disaster
22nd October 1999 Nestlé boycott launched in Bulgaria - Hipp shamed by "award" for irresponsible marketing in Eastern Europe
15th October 1999 Hipp receives UK Food Group Award for misguiding labelling of its infant teas and juices
14th October 1999 Nestlé's new "monitoring" strategy - does it make any difference to infant health?
27th August 99 To mark the launch of Nestlé baby foods and the Blue Bear logo in the UK, we offer to the media pictures for articles exposing Nestlé's record.
26th August 99 HIV and infant feeding: what is best for babies?
16th July 99 WWF report: cut pollution, not breastfeeding
22nd May 99 Demonstrators gather at Nestlé HQ at the end of National Breastfeeding Week
14th May 99 Baby Milk Action statement on Libby's juices in the UK and Ireland
12th May 99 Baby Milk Action welcomes opportunity to present evidence to European Parliament.
12th May 99 Advertising Standards Authority warns Nestlé about baby milk marketing claims.
22nd April 99 International development agencies call on European Commission to consider infant health.
6th March 99 UK Liberal Democrats back Nestlé boycott
1st Feb 99 Nestlé blocks publication of ASA report on its ethical claims
22nd Jan 99 Quiz: Who do you believe?   
7th Oct 98 International Baby Food Action Network awarded "alternative nobel prize"
 22nd May 98 Nestlé faces public protest in the UK for breaking the International Code and Resolutions.
9th Dec 97 The Nestlé Boycott is the best supported consumer boycott in the UK, according to an independent survey.
Oct 97 Nestlé also flouts regulations relating to chocolate
Sept 97 How the baby food industry is orchestrating the attack on Cracking the Code
July 97 Fear of censure from the Church of England prompts hasty Nestlé U-turn
17th May 97 Nestlé tackled on human rights at Croydon demo.
14th May 97 Good news on breastfeeding shows the effectiveness of environmental campaigning