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Q. Nestlé claims it has changed its ways. Is it telling the truth?

A. (17 October 2003) No. It continues to put its own profits before the health of infants.

The case against Nestlé is based on rock-solid documentary evidence. Nestlé has been successfully convicted in legal actions for baby food marketing malpractice. When Nestlé claimed in an anti-boycott advertisement to market infant formula 'ethically and responsibly', Baby Milk Action complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and all of our complaints against Nestlé's claims were upheld.

Nestlé demonstrates its dishonesty, and the need for continued pressure from the international Nestlé boycott, by claiming it is doing nothing wrong.

Please support the boycott to hold Nestlé to account and, if you can, please send us a donation via our on-line Virtual Shop or become a member. We work with policy makers around the world for independent, transparent and effective legislation and where this has been introduced and is enforced we are seeing breastfeeding rates increase. Nestlé takes the lead in opposing such legislation - another reason why they are the target of the boycott.

For a recent overview of the case against Nestlé, with links to supporting documents see Baby Milk Action's opening statement in a debate with Nestlé at a 2003 TUC fringe meeting (click here).

See the codewatch section for evidence of recent violations.

See the briefing paper Nestlé's Public Relations Machine Exposed and Nice Design - Shame About the Text (on the downloads page) for critiques of Nestlé's untrue claims.

See the Cornerhouse briefing paper Engineering of Consent: Uncovering Corporate PR for an in-depth study of how Nestlé attacks its critics so it can continue with business as usual. The books Holding Corporations Accountable and the Politics of Breastfeeding in our on-line Virtual Shop provide even greater insight.

Also see the other information in 'Your Questions Answered'.

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