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Seeing through the spin


Note: Some of the exercises involve analysing materials produced by corporations and campaigning organsations. A selection are included when you purchase the pack - otherwise collect materials from around your school or by contacting organisations directly.

What's in a name (file size 212 kb)

Analysing attitudes to well known organisation

Branding (file size 164 kb)

Exploring attitudes to well known charities and businesses

A change of image (file size 364 kb)

Case study of the rebranding of The Spastics Society

A warm welcome (file size 308 kb)

Case study of the rebranding of BP Amoco

The bottom line (file size 180 kb)

Deciding what kind of commercial sponsorship is acceptable in schools

Every picture... (file size 152 kb)

Analysing the use of images in marketing and PR

Between the lines (file size 396 kb)

Analysing leaflets produced by pressure groups and businesses

A message from... (file size 144 kb)

Evaluating commercially sponsored teaching resources

Unravelling the net (file size 176 kb)

Developing a critical attitude to material on the www

Campaigns strategy (file size 180 kb)

Role play to devise a PR strategy to manage a crisis

Press call (file size 304 kb)

Writing press releases on both sides of the GMO debate

Storyboard (file size 144 kb)

Producing outlines for video news releases on the issue of nuclear power

Toy story (file size 152 kb)

Role play on workers' rights in the Chinese toy industry

Ethical investor (file size 240 kb)

www-based research into corporate responsibility
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