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Seeing through the spin


The full version of the pack includes:

  • Teachers' notes for each of the exercises
  • Activity pages which can be easily photocopied
  • Appendices giving background information
  • A variety of school materials produced by corporations and campaign groups

The full pack is avalable for 15 pounds sterling plus postage and packing (at 3 pounds sterling for UK addresses). You can order it on-line through Baby Milk Action's Virtual Shop, by telephone by calling +44 1223 464420 or by sending a sterling cheque to Baby Milk Action, 23 St. Andrew's Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AX, UK (if ordering by post from outside the UK, please contact us first for price information - E-mail:

You can download the teachers' notes, activity sheets and appendices as pdf files. Use the buttons on the left to enter the page for each section.

You can download the following pdf files from this page. If you browser is unable to read these pages, open them using Acrobat Reader, available free from

Contents (file size 120 kb)

Introduction (file size 22 kb)

Rationale for the pack by Patti Rundall, Policy Director of Baby Milk Action

Using this pack (file size 308 kb)

Brief description and links to the UK national curriculum

Glossary (file size 128 kb)

Definitions of some key terms