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Seeing through the spin

Feedback - Pack Evaluation

Developing this teaching pack has been a long process of research consultation, discussion and trialling of materials. Feedback from participants and other facilitators has been an essential ingredient in trying to make complex issues more accessible. It would be extremely useful for us to know how far we have succeeded in developing a resource which meets the needs of teachers and facilitators. Your comments will help us to make revisions in future on-line and hard copy editions.

Can you take a few minutes to complete the following on-line form about the pack as a whole. If you would prefer to fill in a paper copy, click here to download a pdf version for printing.

We would also appreciate your comments on specific exercises -
Go to feedback form for individual activities

If you have comments on the operation of this site, please send an email to the Webmaster.

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8. Which activities have you used (select all applicable)?

What's in a name


A change of image

A warm welcome

The bottom line

Every picture...

Between the lines

A message from...

Unravelling the net

Campaign strategy

Press call


Toy story

Ethical investor

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