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Nestlé is the target of a boycott because it contributes to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards. Even Nestlé's Public Affairs Manager acknowledges the boycott has widespread support.

According to the World Health Organisation, 1.5 million infants die around the world every year because they are not breastfed. The World Health Assembly has adopted marketing requirements for baby foods to protect breastfeeding and to ensure breastmilk substitutes are used safely if necessary.

Nestlé is singled out for boycott action as monitoring shows it to be responsible for more violations of the requirements than any other company. The boycott helps to stop some of the specific cases of malpractice we expose and has forced some changes in policy. But Nestlé continues systematic violations in those countries which have not yet brought in independently monitored and enforced legislation implementing the marketing requirements, which is another part of our strategy for protecting infant health and mothers' rights.

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Evidence of Nestlé malpractice

If you doubt that Nestlé is doing anything wrong, see the monitoring evidence in our codewatch section.

Or see the investigations conducted by the Guardian (right) and UNICEF Philippines.

We have responded to some of the misinformation given out by Nestlé Public Relations Machine in a report submitted to the United Nations in June 2009 - click here.

Also see the Your Questions Answered section.

Guadian May 2007

Register your support for the boycott

If you are supporting the boycott personally, you can sign our boycott peitition. Using the same form, you can sign up to receive alerts when new information is posted on this site. If you represent a shop, student union or other organisation, you can be listed on our boycott endorsers list.

It is important to tell Nestlé you are supporting the boycott - even if only for Nestlé-Free Week. You can call Nestlé's customer care line (click here to find out what happens when you do) or send an email via the Nestlé website or through the post. Click here for a suggested letter.

Materials for promoting the boycott

You can download the posters below to promote the boycott in your locality.

If you would like to hold a meeting, why not order one of the films in our on-line Virtual Shop?

You will also find great merchandise, including our new reusable shopping bags.

Very useful items for your campaigning are the product list cards, giving Nestlé's principal brands.

You could ask people to send letters to Nestlé as part of our Campaign for Ethical Marketing.


If you would like to give a talk yourself you might like to download a powerpoint presentation and a short presentation to adapt for your own use (the text has been checked to be legally accurate - please take care if adding information of your own).

If you like role playing, you could try doing something like the Nestlé challenge stunt Baby Milk Action did at Nestlé (UK) HQ in May. Click here for details.

Keep us informed of your activities. It can help to generate international media coverage. There is a special report about the boycott and Nestlé-Free Week (in July 2007) on Korean Television (in Korean, but interviews with Baby Milk Action and others in English). Watch it on-line.

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Include our newsfeeds on your website or blog

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Send an email to spread the word

To tell people about the boycott by email, you could cut and paste the following text and adapt it to send to your friends, family and colleagues.

As you probably know, I support the boycott of Nestlé products.

According the the World Health Organisation Authority (WHO) 1.5 million babies die every year as a result of inappropriate feeding. Despite this Nestlé continues to push its baby milks in breach of international standards.

Monitoring by groups on the ground around the world shows Nestlé is responsible for more violations than any other company. That's why it is singled out for boycott action.

If you don't boycott Nestlé already, I ask that you consider looking at the evidence and giving up Nestlé products, or at least its principal brand, Nescafé coffee.

The boycott has forced some changes from the company, but it is still a long way from complying. Campaigners are also working for laws. Nestlé can comply when it is given no choice. It is not being asked to do something that is impossible, but without pressure it continues to put its own profits before infant health and mothers' rights.

You can find out more information and look at the evidence yourself on the Baby Milk Action website at:

You can sign up there to support the boycott.

It is important to tell Nestlé you will be boycotting it until it accepts and acts on the plan put to it by boycott groups for saving infant lives.

You can telephone Nestlé on the freephone number
0800 00 00 30 or send a message via its website

For further information on what has been achieved since the first boycott was launched 30 years ago, and why the boycott was relaunched and continues today, click here.

If you have suggestions or designs you would like us to add to this page, please email mikebrady<AT>

If you would like leaflets and petition sheets in quantity, contact us.

The boycott is just one part of Baby Milk Action's strategy to hold the baby food industry to account. Find out more by reading our year report. You can help this work further by becoming a member of Baby Milk Action. If you are outside the UK, contact our partners in the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN).

Nestlé-Free Zone posters

Also see the websites of INFACT Canada (including information for the US) and RIBN, the Nestlé boycott Network in Italy.

Phone Nestlé

Poster with the number for calling Nestlé customer services in the UK, encouraging people to register their support for the boycott.

To find out what happens when you call Nestlé, see the Campaigns Coordinator's blog. Click here.

Download poster.

Thanks to Aran.

For details of calling Nestlé in the US and Canada, click here to download a briefing from Infact Canada.

Phone Nestle

Boycott smarties

Poster targeting Nestlé smarties.

Download poster.

Thanks to Aran.

Nestlé free zone - smarties

Nestlé free zone

Poster targeting Kit Kat.

Download poster.

Thanks to Aran.

Nestle free zone - Kit Kat