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Baby Milk Action

Email update: 22 January 2014

Insight to the World Health Organisation Executive Board meeting

Baby Milk Action's Policy Director, Patti Rundall OBE, is blogging from the WHO Executive Board meeting in Geneva.

Infant and Young Child Feeding is on the agenda.


You can also follow Patti on Twitter:

UK monitoring kit

Baby Milk Action's new monitoring kit is for anyone keen to hold baby food companies to account in the UK.

It contains a range of resources explaining the UK rules and UN marketing standards.

Monitoring kit items

It includes "spot it - report it" cards to carry with you.

These set out key provisions of UK marketing regulations with information on how to report violations.

If you have a smartphone, you can immediately send a photo to Baby Milk Action and scan a QR Code for links to report to enforcement authorities.

For full details and to order, visit our online Virtual Shop:

Say no to baby milk company sponsorship with one of our new mugs

Baby Milk Action campaigns against baby food companies sponsoring health workers and health programmes. The World Health Assembly says conflicts of interest should be avoided.

Since Nestlé entered the UK with the takeover of the SMA formula brand competition has become more intense. Nestlé and Danone, its main competitor, are going after health workers. They invite them to sponsored events and offer "information" services to spread false claims about their products.

We will be producing some mugs to help health workers show they say no to sponsorship from Nestlé and Danone. Take a look at the designs and register your interest and comments. We will let you know when they go into production.


We are interested in your ideas for other resources we can produce as an alternative to company giveaways. Reply with your suggestions.

You can also support our work for independent information for mothers by becoming a member of Baby Milk Action or making a donation.

Closer magazine prompts Twitter storm by "misuse" of celebrity doctor's comments - are you following us?

During today we were diverted from other work by the controversy stirred up by comments about breastfeeding published in the UK magazine called Closer.

A celebrity doctor was quoted as saying there is no point breastfeeding beyond 6 months of age - and suggesting it could even be psychologically damaging.

Unsurprisingly a lot of people were outraged at this inaccurate information that could put some mothers off following breastfeeding recommendations.

We investigated to find out whether the doctor supported the quotes attributed to him and found he does not.

We posted a blog with the background to the story. See:

We are encouraging the doctor to demand an accurate correction is published in the next edition of the magazine.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated when we have news on stories such as this.

Let us know if you see anything we should act on.

We certainly read your messages and do our best to respond and take action.

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