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Nestlé in Hungary - Violations Library

Posted 26th October 1999

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Nestlé sent this pack to a breastfeeding mother when her child was 5 months old, having taken her details from the birth registry. The letter inside tells the mother she has to write to Nestlé if she does not want it to pass her contact details to other companies. The postmark on the envelope is October 1999. It included the items shown below, amongst other promotional materials.

This free sample of Beba 2 follow-on formula is banned by Article 5.2 of the International Code. Making direct or indirect contact with mothers is banned by Article 5.5.

By promoting Beba 2 Nestlé is also promoting Beba infant formula. The sample pack has been manufactured by Nestlé Denmark and distributed by Nestlé Hungary. Nestlé Denmark is bound by the European Export Directive 92/52/EEC, which states: These products shall be labelled... to avoid any risk of confusion between infant formulae and follow-on formulae." In other words, Beba 2 is banned by the Directive. Baby Milk Action has written to Nestlé asking it to abide by the requirements and to the Danish Government asking it to enforce them.

This promotional book is included in the pack. It has a gift token on the front cover and encourages mothers to buy Nestlé infant foods to collect further tokens....

...and to stick the tokens onto this card....

...which can then be cashed in for gifts. The catalogue of gifts includes further formula. This scheme violates Article 5.3 and Article 5.4 of the International Code.

Find out more from Nestlé - Tel: +21 924 2111 Fax: +21 921 1885

or see the Campaign for Ethical Marketing action sheet October 1999 for a suggested letter of complaint.

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