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List of major companies and their main brand names

This list is not complete. There are some baby milk companies which are not listed here. Some of the companies which are listed have more brand names than we have shown. Some of the larger companies may use different brand names in different countries. For the larger companies, the soft food and whole milk powder brands are separated from the infant formula and follow-on milk brands Key: WMP = whole milk powder, SF = soft foods & baby drinks.

At the bottom of this page there is a list of companies who produce teats & bottles.


Brands (Milks and Soft Foods)

Abbott-Ross Similac, Isomil, Gain.
American Home Products see Wyeth
Amul Amulspray, Amul Milk Food, Balamul.
Boots see Farley's
Bristol-Myers see Mead-Johnson
BSN see Nutripharm
Carnation see Nestlé
CCFriesland see Friesche Vlag
Coberco My Boy
Cow & Gate see Nutricia
Crookes Healthcare see Farley's
Diepal see Nutripharm
Dieterba Eulac
Dumex Dumex, Mamex, Mamil, Protimex.
Dutch Baby see Friesche Vlag
Farley's Farley's, Ostermilk, Vitamilk, Osterprem, Farlac, Ostersoy. SF: Farex, Farley's Rusks.
Friesche Vlag Frisolac, Dutch Baby, Frisomil, Frisocrem, Noy-Noy. WMP: Dutch Lady, Frisiana.
Galactina Humana, Mamina, Mamina Soja, Nourissa, Lactina, Galactina cereals.
Gallia see Nutripharm
Gerber Gerber Baby Formula, Gerber baby foods.
Guigoz Nestlé
Heinz Heinz baby foods
Hipp Hippon, Hipp baby foods
Humana Humana.
Jacquemaire see Nutripharm
Lijempf Bebelac Fruticrem.
Mead-Johnson Enfalac, Enfapro, Enfamil, Prosobee, Alacta, Olac, Pregestimil
Meiji Meiji Milk Formula, Meiji FU, FK-P Meiji FM, Step, FM-T.
Milco Baby Dano. WMP: Dano.
Milupa Aptamil Milumil, Lemiel, Prematil, Pregomin, HN-25, SOM. SF: Babysoif, Milupa cereals.
Morinaga Morinaga BF, Crown Dia-G, LF-P, BF-L, NL-33, Chil-mil. SF: Manna Infant Food.
Nam Yang Jump
Nestlé Nan, Lactogen, Nestogen, Pelargon, Aletemil, Manosan, Guigoz, Bear Brand, Good Start, Beba, Nidal, Nidina, Nativa, Neslac, Pre-Nan, Alprem, Al 110. SF: Cerelac, Nestum, Alete. WMP: Nespray, Nido, Ninho.
Nutricia Nutrilon Almiron, Cow & Gate, Premium, Plus, Step-up, Formula S, Camelpo, Nutri-soja, Farilon. SF: Olvarit, Nutrix, Nutrima, Cow & Gate baby foods.
Nutripharm Galliasec Farigallia, Nursie, Vegelact, PreGallia, Farigallia, Galliazyme, Diargal, Alma, Bledilac, Lacmil.
SF: Fali Bledine, Phosphatine
Sari Husada SGM Vitalac, LLM, SNM
Snow Brand Snow Brand P7A, Snow F, Snow Brand P7-L, Neomilk ai. WMP: Snow Brand T-1
SMA Nutrition see Wyeth
Uniasa Puleva Wander Letrama, Adapta, Lacto-Véguva, Alacta, Modar, Lacto-Frutiva, Ceral.
Wessanen see Lijempf
Wyeth SMA S-26, Nursoy, Infasoy, Wysoy, Modilac, Promil, Progress.

Other companies include: Aletina, Alter, Dalmia, Diadal, Karitane, Loma Linda, Maeil, Materna, Ordessa, Pasteur, Raptakos Brett, Valio, Wakodo...

Main bottle & teat companies

Guigoz (Nestlé)
Tommee Tippee

Please contact us if you have information on products to be added (or removed) from this list

A list of Nesté products is also available, should you wish to join the Nestlé boycott.