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Baby Milk Action

Email update : 30 October 2011

International Nestlé-Free Week:

31 October - 6 November 2011

Nestlé boycott gallery for Halloween and Nestlé-Free Week

International Nestlé-Free Week begins on 31 October.

Many thanks to people who have provided images and other resources for promoting the week.

Boycott badge

We've created a page specially for these at:

Please keep sending us your images. We are also looking for pictures for our photo competition:

Nestlé-Free Week is a time for people who boycott Nestlé over the way it pushes baby milk to do more to promote the boycott - and for those who don't boycott to give it a go.

The main target of the boycott is Nescafé coffee. If you only boycott Nescafé, try giving all Nestlé products a miss for the Nestlé-Free Week.

If you don't boycott because you don't want to miss out on a Nestlé brand, try it for a week at least.

To increase the impact, tell your friends and colleagues you are boycotting - and tell Nestlé.

Watch out for other resources and news on our Nestlé-Free Week page at:

If you have a smart phone, remember you can access our new isite at:

You can share the Nestlé-Free week page with your friends. If you use Facebook, invite your friends to join our Facebook Nestlé-Free Week event - click here.

We'll also keep you informed through these email alerts - if you didn't recieve this alert directly, follow the instructions on the right to subscribe.

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