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Baby Milk Action

International Nestlé-Free Week (28 October - 3 November 2013) - Update

Nestlé-Free Week targets Nestlé claims that its baby milk is the "natural start" and "protects" babies

International Nestlé-Free Week (28 October - 3 November) is a time for people who boycott Nestlé over the way it pushes baby milk to do more to promote the boycott - and for those who don't boycott to give it a go.

Help increase the pressure on Nestlé to stop violating international marketing standards.

For example, Nestlé promotes its formula with claims such as it "protects" babies and provides a "natural start".

The logo, left, is on formula on the shelves in Thailand at the moment. Not only does it promise a "natural start", the logo includes a protective arms image - how much has Nestlé spent developing these strategies?

Nestle label

Help spread the word about what Nestlé is doing by sharing this email and joining the virtual event on Facebook and inviting your friends - click here.

Baby Milk Action's campaign page includes other resources for spreading the word, including a "Nestlé-Free Zone" poster to display in your home, workplace or window (particularly useful if Halloween is marked where you are). Go to:

You can also download an information sheet showing labels from around the world to explain to your friends and colleagues why you support the boycott.

And don't forget to send a message to Nestlé saying you will boycott the company until it stops violating the internationally-agreed marketing standards for baby foods. See:

Join the Twitter demonstration at the Nestlé Global Forum on 28 October - tweet to #CSVForum

On Monday 28 October, Nestlé is holding its Creating Shared Value Global Forum in Colombia - you can join a protest on Twitter to expose Nestlé's malpractice.

The Global Forum is part of Nestlé's strategy to promote itself as having a solely beneficial impact (see Baby Milk Action's analysis Nestlé's Creative Storytelling Venture). Nestlé also wants to put itself at the centre of policy setting.

Nestlé is inviting government ministers and other policy makers to its Global Forum and says:

"The topics will include the challenges of over- and under-nutrition across the Americas and the connection between water, the environment and food security."

As Nestlé is criticised by campaigners on the ground for undermining breastfeeding, marketing unhealthy food, appropriating community water supplies and so on, this is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of what it is really doing using the Twitter hashtag #CSVForum

You can send a tweet explaining that you are boycotting Nestlé until executives stop violating the baby food marketing requirements. Be sure to include the Twitter hashtag #CSVForum

You can cite examples of what Nestlé is really doing, such as claiming its formula "protects" babies and is the "natural start".

Click here to post your first message.

Follow developments on Baby Milk Action's campaign page:

And join the Nestlé-Free Week event page on Facebook.

Demonstrations at Nestlé events targeting health workers in the UK

Nestlé is targeting health workers in the UK with events at hotels. Nestlé's events are aimed at circumventing the restrictions many health facilities have in place on staff meeting with company representatives.

UNICEF Baby Friendly initiative recommends reps. are only permitted to meet with a designated, expert staff member, who can assess company information and pass on what is necessary to other staff. Assessment is essential as much company information is misleading with the intention of encouraging staff to recommend the products to mothers.

Find out where events are taking place and what you can do to protest against Nestlé breaking World Health Assembly Resolutions on conflicts of interest. See:

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