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Email update : 18 May 2013

Nestlé's Creative Storytelling Venture

Nestlé unveiled its latest CSV report last month.

For Nestlé, CSV means Creating Shared Value and its report sets out how it does business - including how it markets baby milks.

We have produced an analysis called Nestlé Creative Storytelling Venture - the true meaning of CSV.


Download the electronic version from our press release at:

Look What They're Doing in the UK 2013 - monitoring report

Baby Milk Action has produced a new monitoring report on behalf of the Baby Feeding Law Group (BFLG).

Drawing on our own monitoring and information provided by the public, we examine how baby milk companies push their products.

Strategies include sponsoring health worker events, price discounts, point-of-sale promotion, advertising and claims on labels.

A growing strategy is targeting pregnant women and mothers with parenting clubs. Danone claims 3,000 mothers sign up to its Cow & Gate branded club every week. They are then bombarded with emails promoting formula timed to the due dates of their babies. Companies are prohibited from targeting pregnant women and mothers under international minimum marketing standards.

While Baby Milk Action has won cases against some of the practices encountered, too little action is being taken by policy makers and enforcement authorities.

Find out more in the report, available to download at:

Promotion is paid for by a premium on the price of formula, so please support our "No promotion - Cheaper formula" campaign on petitions/

Conflicts of interest - corporate sponsorship in the UK, Ireland and Mexico exposed

Nestlé has entered the UK and Ireland with its takeover of Pfizer Nutrition/Wyeth and the SMA brand of formula. Nestlé's entry has prompted increased competition from Danone, Nestlé's main competitor around the world. We are now seeing already low marketing standards fall even further, particularly with companies targeting health workers.

Meanwhile, Nestlé is trying to muscle in on nutrition education initiatives around the world. Last month a campaign was launched in Mexico against Nestlé's involvement in the government's Campaign Against Hunger initiative. The world's largest junk food company is an inappropriate partner because of the conflicts of interest.

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