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Baby Milk Action

Email update : 12 November 2012

A message of thanks from Philippines campaigners

Campaigners in the Philippines have sent a message of thanks to everyone who supported International Nestlé-Free Week at the beginning of the month.

Nestlé-Free Week is a time for supporters of the boycott of Nestlé over the way it pushes its baby milk to do more to spread the word and for those who don't boycott to give it a go - at least for a week.

Campaigning continues. Please sign the petition of solidarity with the Philippines. When you have done so, share it with your friends.


In the Philippines Nestle is leading an attempt to bring in a new law to replace regulations introduced in 2007 to stop companies advertising baby milks and targeting pregnant women and new mothers.

Campaigners in the Philippines call it Nestle's Monster Bill.

The Philippines Department of Health, WHO and UNICEF have said:

The draft House Bill... aims to support multinational companies while damaging the Filipino society: families, the mothers and children.

Campaigners in the Philippines say in their message of thanks:

We call on our global partners to defend breastfeeding vigilantly because Nestle creeps in every legislative process to wreck breastfeeding initiatives in every country. Nestle masquerade as pro-breastfeeding but in truth undermines it by pushing policymakers to make a law that will favor their economic interest and not the consumers.

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