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Email update: 11 November 2013

Nestlé-Free Week exposed Nestlé baby milk promotion around the world - now look in the UK

International Nestlé-Free Week took place at the end of October. The week is a time for people who boycott Nestlé over the way it pushes baby milk to do more to promote the boycott - and for those who don't boycott to give it a go.

The week began with boycott supporters using Twitter to call on Nestlé to abide by internationally agreed marketing requirements. For a report, see the campaign blog:

If you have not done so already, please email Nestlé calling on it to stop promoting its formula with claims such as it "protects" babies and is a "natural start". See:

Nestlé has now entered the UK with its takeover of the SMA brand of formula - and is driving down standards here as it does around the world.

For example, Nestlé competes with the health services and independent sources of information on infant care to gain contact details and push its products.

In the UK it is encouraging pregnant women and new mothers to contact information services branded with its SMA formula name and logo.

Its in-store promotion - placed next to the SMA infant formula in a UK retail chain (right) - states:

SMA promotion

"How do I... Find the answers to all my questions before, during and after pregnancy?"

This directs pregnant women to the SMA-branded website, with a highlighted "product finder".

Baby Milk Action is pursuing a complaint with the enforcement authorities as we believe that some of Nestlé's tactics directly contravene provisions in the UK marketing requirements - click here for analysis.

Please keep us informed of Nestlé SMA promotion you come across. Nestlé is shortly to launch SMA HA formula in the UK - despite the fact its "hypoallergenic" claim has been prohibited in the United States following legal action after babies suffered anaphylactic shock. When Nestlé tried to introduce NAN HA into the UK a decade ago, it had to apply warning labels to tins after concerns were raised by the Department of Health - see the archive.

Danone launches multi-media marketing campaign for Aptamil Pronutra formula

Danone jumped into second place behind Nestlé in the global baby milk market in 2007 when it bought the NUMICO brands (Nutricia, Milupa, Aptamil and Cow & Gate). It has now become a major source of violations of the marketing requirements as it tries to compete with Nestlé around the world.

Following Nestlé's entry into the UK, Danone's tactics have become even more aggressive. It has recently launched a multi-media campaign for its Aptamil formula.

This included taking over the inside and outside cover of The Observer Magazine at the end of October.

Baby Milk Action has analysed Danone's campaign on behalf of the Baby Feeding Law Group and has reported Danone to the relevant authorities for investigation. See:

Danone is also courting Members of Parliament, hosting a Christmas Event on "early-years nutrition" on the Terrace of the House of Commons on 12 December. For details on how to contact your MP about this event, see our Campaign for Ethical Marketing action at:

Infant feeding information from Tesco and Tommee Tippee

Baby Milk Action has been receiving reports from members of the public concerned about information on infant feeding on the websites of Tesco and Tommee Tippee.

We have registered cases with the authorities calling for an investigation and will post updates as part of the Baby Feeding Law Group monitoring project, which we coordinate.

Please do keep us informed of cases of marketing that you feel misinforms mothers. We believe all mothers have a right to accurate, independent information, whatever method they use to feed their children.

Please help support this work by becoming a member of Baby Milk Action or making a donation.

Join Baby Milk Action's focus groups

Baby Milk Action is reviewing the style of its website and information materials.

Focus groups on our materials

We are holding a series of focus groups and would like the views of our supporters. If you are in the Cambridge region, you could join one of the groups at our office - contact us to arrange a date.

If you are further away, we can send you some samples and a short form for you to hold your own focus group with a few of your friends - contact us if you are interested, letting us know when, where and how many people you have in mind.

Questionnaire on a new website design

Many thanks to everyone who completed a questionnaire earlier this year on our existing website

The feedback we received has been extremely useful.

Baby Milk Action is the UK member of IBFAN and we fed this information into a new IBFAN website design. We are now considering adapting this design for our own website.

We would like to know what you think of it.

Please click here to view the new IBFAN website:

When you have had a browse, please complete the one-page questionnaire giving your views.

As before, we are using the FREE surveymonkey service.

Click here for the survey:

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