How a mother feeds her child is her decision

Mothers need support not pressure

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In the UK we are letting mothers down

Most say they wanted to breastfeed for longer

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National Infant Feeding Survey (2005):

“Around nine in ten mothers who breastfed for less than

six weeks said that they would have liked to continue longer.”

National Infant Feeding Survey (2010):

“Of the mothers who had stopped breastfeeding by Stage 3

[8 to 10 months old], over three in five (63%) said that they

would have liked to have breastfed for longer.”

The 2015 survey was cancelled.

We won't know the impact of government

cuts to support services.

The UK has the lowest
breastfeeding rate in the world

According to the Lancet Breastfeeding Series - January 2016


Mothers who use formula
are also being failed

Companies rip them off with over-priced infant formula

and by pushing unnecessary milks for older babies

Members of Parliament are taking action

They are hearing from experts to plan how to help

all mothers, babies and their families

Watch Baby Milk Action's presentation

We spoke on the need to better regulate the formula industry

(follow us for news of presentations on what else is needed)

Baby Milk Action presentation - 17 May 2016

All Party Parliamentary Group on Infant Feeding and Inequalities

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