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Baby Milk Action

Nestlé-Free Week 26 October - 1 November

A time for people who boycott Nestlé over the way it pushes baby milk to do more to promote the boycott – and for those who don’t boycott to give it a go.

Action you can take:

Email Nestlé over its misleading formula marketing claims

Nestlé pushes baby milk around the world using strategies that are prohibited by international marketing standards.

For example, it promotes its infant formula in Bangladesh as the 'gentle start' for babies (below).

Nestlé tells investors the marketing strategy is a "growth engine" for sales.

Nestlé knows that babies fed on formula are more likely to become sick than breastfed babies and, in conditions of poverty, more likely to die.


Nestle label

But Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathé and CEO Paul Bulcke refuse to stop these practices, putting company profits first.

The boycott gives them a financial reason to think again. Nestlé-Free Week is a chance to increase the pressure.

Campaigning works. Nestlé finally agreed to stop promoting its formula as the "natural start" for babies, when we targeted this in a campaign.

According to the World Health Organisation, improving breastfeeding rates could save 800,000 lives around the world every year.

Nestlé also refuses to warn of risks from formula and how to reduce them.

Go to the Nestlé-Free Week page to send a message to Nestlé:

You can download a poster showing how Nestlé labels from around the world break the rules.

The Breaking the Rules summary report also available on the page documents other prohibited marketing strategies used by Nestlé and other companies.

Share the Nesté-Free Week website and Facebook page with friends

Use the sharing tools on the Nestlé-Free Week page to invite your friends:

The boycott focuses on Nestlé's leading brand, Nescafé coffee, but we list all brands from which Nestlé profits so you can avoid them all.

If anyone has ever told you they cannot support the boycott because they like a particular product too much, ask them to do it for Nestlé-Free Week. When they find an alternative product, they will realise it is not so hard to boycott.

You can join the Nestlé-Free Week event on Facebook and invite your friends.

Remember to join the Nestlé Boycott group as well:

For information about concerns about unethical practices raised by other campaigns, see the Nestlé Critics website:

Download a Nestlé-Free Zone poster for your window during Halloween

If Halloween is marked in your country, why not display a Nestlé-Free Zone poster in your window?

You can download it free from our website.

If you have one of our Nestlé-Free Zone mugs why not take it into work, school or college?

This and other items are available in our Virtual Shop for promoting the boycot throughout the year.

Nestle-Free Zone mug

You can also download Nestlé-Free Zone candy wrappers to print - designed by supporters in the US.

Tweet comments and pictures using the #nestlefreeweek hashtag

Follow Baby Milk Action on Twitter and share our tweets:

Share news and pictures of what you are doing using the hashtag #nestlefreeweek

Join Baby Milk Action - we campaign all year round

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