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Baby Milk Action

Email update: 15 December 2014

Have your 2015 calendar ready after a Nestlé-Free Christmas!

IBFAN calendar 2015 - helps protect mothers and babies around the world

Do you have an IBFAN breastfeeding calendar for 2015? It contains 12 beautiful full-colour pictures from around the world.

Profits help us to hold some of the world's most powerful corporations to account (see our Year Reports for details of our activities).

You can also become a member of Baby Milk Action - or give membership as a gift.

Nestlé-Free Zone mugs and key rings - order now for UK delivery for Christmas

Nestlé, the largest baby milk company, is the target of a boycott because it systematically breaks marketing rules.

Check out our Nestlé boycott list to have a Nestlé-Free Christmas.


We also have a range of Nestlé-Free mugs, key rings, fridge magnets and other items to help you show your support for the boycott. Or buy the Nestlé-Free Kit with a range of items and resources.

ORDER NOW to make the last posting date for Christmas.

The boycott makes a difference. For example, in October, Nestlé finally promised to stop promoting its infant formula as the “Natural Start” for babies. Executives had repeatedly defended this marketing strategy, but finally agreed to drop it when we ran a shaming campaign during its annual Global Forum.

There are other reasons you might want to show you are Nestlé Free. One is water: Nestlé is criticised for its impact on community water supplies. We raised these concerns when we heard that Nestlé was going to promote bottled water at Expo 2015 in Italy - now its bottled water is going to be replaced by cups so people can help themselves to tap water.

Nestle forced to remove misleading SMA Toddler Milk claims following Baby Milk Action complaint

In October we won a case at the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), proving that an ASDA/Nestlé email promotion for SMA Toddler Milk was misleading.

Despite the ruling, Nestlé continued to make the same claims on its product website and promoted this with an internet advertising campaign. So we had to take another case to the ASA. An investigation was launched and Nestlé has had to remove the claims from its website as well.

Help us to publicise the fact that ASDA and Nestlé have misled customers, because they are refusing to send a follow-up email with a correction.


See you in 2015 - when the feature film Tigers reaches cinemas.

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