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Baby Milk Action

Email update : 8 November 2010

  • Nestlé-Free Zones and Nestlé's anti-boycott team
  • Protecting formula-fed babies project - volunteers wanted

Nestlé-Free Zones and
Nestlé's anti-boycott team

Nestlé-Free Week may have ended on 31 October, but the Nestlé boycott continues until Nestlé makes the changes required of it.


Nestle monster

Hopefully some of the non-boycotters who decided to seek out alternative products for the week will continue to avoid Nestlé.

If you are boycotting you can add Nestlé-Free Zone and other campaign logos and buttons to your blog or site by going to:

Thousands have emailed Nestlé over its latest baby milk marketing scam, but the company is still defending its practices, which violate international marketing standards. Nestlé claims its formula 'protects' babies, so undermining breastfeeding, while also failing to warn parents that powdered formula is not sterile and how to reduce the risks of possible contamination with harmful bacteria.

We have tried to persuade the UN Global Compact Office to put pressure on Nestlé over its aggressive marketing of baby foods and other human rights abuses. The company claims to support this voluntary initiative. Unfortunately the Global Compact Office has refused to even investigate and, despite our complaint, had Nestlé as Patron Sponsor of its tenth anniversary celebrations in New York earlier this year. Now we have learned that a senior Global Compact officer is moving to Nestlé to become a Vice President - presuambly making her responsible for leading Nestlé's anti-boycott team in place of Vice President Niels Christiansen, who is retiring from this role.

Read more on the campaign blog, where we also reflect on how Nestlé has become one of the four most boycotted companies on the planet while Mr. Christiansen headed the anti-boycott team. Let us hope his replacement learns from his mistakes and makes the changes boycott supporters are calling for:

Protecting formula-fed babies project - volunteers wanted

Baby Milk Action's mission is to protect breastfeeding and to protect babies fed on formula.

We are concerned that many parents who use formula are unaware of the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation on how to prepare powdered formula to reduce risks of possible contamination with harmful bacteria. Powdered formula is not sterile. Accordingly we are working on a project to ensure this information is available.

We are seeking mothers with young babies who are willing to volunteer to be filmed making up formula in line with WHO guidance for this project - preferably living in Bristol or nearby.

If you are interested, please get in touch via our contact page.

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