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Baby Milk Action

Email update: 2 August 2015

Training on monitoring

Online course video

Baby Milk Action members and subscribers can now access the first two modules in our online course on monitoring the baby food industry on our new website.


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Next Look What They're Doing in the UK monitoring report

Baby Milk Action is very grateful to members of the public who report cases of aggressive marketing of baby milks, baby foods and feeding bottles and teats to us.

Some of these we take up with the companies involved, Trading Standards and/or the Advertising Standards Authority.

All information is useful for the monitoring reports that we produce to show policy makers how companies break UK regulations and the international minimum standards they should follow.

We will be submitting monitoring evidence to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child shortly. This will be reviewing human rights abuses in the UK. The Committee has twice called on the UK Government to improve regulations and enforcement after receiving our evidence.

To help us produce the monitoring report you can:

We will make the monitoring report publicly available later in the year.

Tigers feature film - next chance to see

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Just announced: Tigers at the Colour of Money Film Festival, The Barbican, London, 12 September 2015.

Sarajevo Film Festival, 21& 22 August 2015.

Tigers is the award-winning film about a former Nestlé Pakistan salesman who took on the company with the help of Baby Milk Action and our partners after he realised babies were dying from unsafe bottle feeding.

Make a donation to help us to promote Tigers and be present with resources at as many events as possible:

Nestlé response on violations shows it puts profits before marketing rules and the lives of babies

Nestlé's Global Public Affairs Manager has just contacted us with the response to the Breaking the Rules 2014 report Nestlé promised us over a year ago.

Examples of violations found by members of the International Bay Food Action Network (IBFAN) are collated into these reports by the International Code Documentation Centre (ICDC).

Baby Milk Action raises the company's ongoing violations of international marketing standards directly with Nestlé Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathé, and Chief Executive, Paul Bulcke, in writing and at the shareholder meeting.

Sadly, Nestlé continues to treat the marketing standards with contempt, putting its own profits before the lives and well-being of babies. It only makes changes when forced to do so by regulations or our campaigns. Read our analysis of Nestlé response here:

It is not just Baby Milk Action that finds Nestlé systematically breaks the marketing rules. The Methodist Conference at the end of June received a report on Nestlé from its ethics committee citing evidence of Nestlé violations from expert sources.

The ethics committee also documents how its decision to encourage Nestlé to join the FTSE4Good ethical investment index actually made things worse. This flawed initiative assesses companies against their own policies rather than the international marketing standards they should follow. So Nestlé weakened its formula advertising policy before joining. Full details and a link to the Methodist report here:

Baby Milk Action is grateful to supporters who donated so we could organise a special screening of Tigers alongside the Methodist Conference in Southport. Those Church members who attended were very grateful for the opportunity to see the film and discuss the issues.

Nestlé's response to the Breaking the Rules report does show how our campaigns force change. It cites correspondence with Baby Milk Action published on its website as proof it agreed to stop claiming its formula is the 'natural start' for babies. Details here:

So while Nestlé continues to break the rules and the FTSE4Good strategy led to it weakening its policies, we are succeeding in forcing some changes for the better.

Support the Nestlé boycott here:

Help us to keep up pressure that works by joining Baby Milk Action:

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