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Baby Milk Action

Email update : 2 June 2012

UK: Stop Wyeth's SMA Baby Know-How roadshows

Baby Milk Action has learned that Wyeth is planning to start the SMA Baby Know-How roadshow in June.

According to the Public Relations firm organising the events : "The shows are designed to launch SMA's new products".

They will operate as follows:

"The road-show is called SMA Baby Know-How and will be taking place at various shopping centres around London. The stand will be somewhere mums can get advice, meet other mums, demo a couple of SMA products and sign up to Know-How, our baby club. In addition, we're going to have a number of competitions and giveaways on offer and will be offering mums a free mummy and baby photo on the stand."

None of this is really free, of course. It all goes onto the price of the formula. And it breaks the marketing rules.

A mother who ended up on Wyeth's email list was 'livid' at the message she received from the company when her child was four weeks old.

See our campaign page for further information and what you can do to help stop Wyeth's self-serving marketing activities.

Petition of solidarity with the Philippines (update)

The baby food marketing regulations in the Philippines are under attack.

Many thanks to everyone who has signed the petition of solidarity with the Philippines on the AVAAZ site. We will be sending the petition shortly, but there is still time to sign and we will keep the petition running until the industry attack is defeated. Go to:

Protect mothers and babies in the Philippines from the baby food industry

An international campaign successfully stopped the last attack on the regulations in 2006/07.

We need your help again. So please do sign the petition if you have not done so already.

You can also write directly to the policy makers who will decide whether the industry's law passes. You can use Baby Milk Action's letter as a model. Contact us if you need help.

Find further details at:

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 16,000 babies die in the Philippines every year due to inappropriate feeding. The regulations that came into effect in 2007 regulate the marketing of milks for babies and young children. They require clear warnings on labels about the protective effects of breastfeeding as specified by the Department of Health.

You can see these on the current Nestlé label on our campaign page. The warnings will no longer be required if the industry law goes through. Labels won't even have to be translated:

If the industry law is introduced in the Philippines it will also allow advertising of formula for babies from 6 months, providing Nestlé with a way to promote the bogus claim that its formula 'protects' babies and associate it with the protection from breastfeeding. You can see examples of such Nestlé advertisements from other countries on the campaign page:

Action in the Philippines supported by people around the world stopped the industry last time.

We can do so again - but we need your help.

Please sign, donate and spread the word.

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