Paediatricians voted to refuse formula company funding

BUT the vote at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health AGM

is not binding - RCPCH Council are consulting all members

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There are different points of view

Some are for accepting formula company

funding and some against -

it can be a face off


Arguments for taking formula company money

Those in favour point to what they can do with the money

They suggest members benefit from company product information

Unethical companies will be barred by "due diligence"

Arguments against taking formula company money

Those against say conflicts of interest must be avoided

The public have a right to support free from commercial influence

Companies invest in health workers to achieve brand endorsements

Those for and against want the best for babies

We can drink to that


You may only see what you expect to see

Just as in the optical illusion

Do you see faces or a goblet?


So what do companies have to say?

Companies court health workers offering help with funding, training and trips

They want to place formula advertising in journals, have stalls at conferences

Nestlé staff were at the RCPCH Conference - their job is to secure brand endorsements

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Nestlé Clinical Representative job description

As Clinical Network Representative, your role is to work on the designated territory, visiting hospitals, doctors, health visitors and community midwives to develop key clinical relationships within your local health Economies, leading to opportunities for the SMA brand and Nestlé Nutrition.

Working with the NHS at a territory level, you’ll be developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders and opinion leaders to support brand endorsement and strategically aligned education for Healthcare Professionals.

Avoid conflicts of interest

That is the position of the World Health Assembly

Ask your paeditrician to refuse all funding from marketers

of breastmilk substitutes (option 2 for each consultation question)

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