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Baby Milk Action at the WOMAD festival, Reading, UK, 25 July 2004

Baby Milk Action is a regular visitor to the World Organisation of Music and Dance (WOMAD) festival in Reading.

At the 2004 event Baby Milk Action presented 'Just doing my job' on the One World Platform. Streaming video of the performance is given below to give a flavour of the event. If you are interested in hosting or arranging a similar performance, or running a workshop to develop a similar piece of theatre, contact Mike Brady.

You can download the script by clicking here. (it is a Word Rich Text Format document). Everything in the script is supported by documentary evidence and the arguments put forward to justify or excuse the promotional methods come from Nestlé. If you are making changes, please be sure to stick to factual information.

The performance shows a Nestlé Medical Delegate at work, using genuine Nestlé materials or representations of them. The piece was inspired by the testimony of former Nestlé Pakistan employee and whistle blower Syed Aamar Raza. To learn more about Aamir go to or listen to the talk below.

You will need RealPlayer to play the clips. Available from

Intro: The young Brian denies all responsibility when his brother eats mud disguised in a bar of chocolate.

Pushing formula: Brian, the Medical Delegate, attempts to persuade a doctor that Nestlé wants to help.
Troubled sleep: In a dream Brian is torn between putting infant health first and following company instructions.

Syed Aamir Raza: Mike Brady, Campaigns and Networking Coordinator at Baby Milk Action explains the true story of how one Medical Delegate decided to speak out after a child died when he was visiting a doctor.

You can read Aamir's report Milking Profits and find out more about his struggle on the site Aamir has not seen his wife and children for nearly 5 years. He is afraid to return to Pakistan after threats were made against him for going public. Find out how you can help on his site.

Question time: Mike Brady responds to questions from the audience.